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Whether you are an admissions, Masters, Ph.D. or fellowship coordinator (or all four) you are often the first contact students have with UW–Madison or your department. You may be asked about applying to graduate school, your program requirements, and deadlines for fellowships. The resources on this page can lead you to many of the answers.

This KB is an essential resource for graduate programs.  In it you will find information about the following subtopics.  Click on the subtopic title to be taken directly to that section of the KB, or click here to view the same list of subtopics in the KB.

Admissions – Information about domestic and international admissions processes, GWIS training, GWIS bulletin board and action reason codes, admissions flowcharts, general information about standardized tests (GRE, TOEFL), and more.

Communications and connections – Includes the various ways that the Graduate School communicates with graduate programs: Graduate Coordinator meeting notes, CoordLink newsletter, GradConnections for students, who to call, how to update the Graduate School directory, and more.

Data resources and tools – Covers information about internal and external data resources, such as program profiles, information about InfoAccess and the Query Library, campus data collections, external data collections (CIP, IPEDS, NSF, NRC), and more.

Enrolled graduate students – Provides resources about advising, satisfactory academic progress, program development, program reviews, handbook templates, and more.

Graduate degree completion Covers dissertation deposit procedures, dissertation status, completion letters, warrants/e-warrants process, commencement information, important degree deadlines, and more.

Graduate funding – Includes a handbook on administering graduate student appointments, tuition remission, information about various external fellowships, University Fellowships information, concurrent appointments, and more.

Graduate student recruitment – Provides resources such as the recruitment manual, recruitment brochures and templates, Graduate School partnerships, and more.

Policy announcements and process – Information about academic policy changes and announcements, Higher Learning Commission-related policies and implementation, and more.

Professional development and career preparation for grad students and postdocs – Provides resources and training for graduate program coordinators to support the professional development grads and postdocs in their programs.

Program development and reviews – Covers procedures on program changes, approval, and reviews, information about professional master’s degree, and more.

Skills and professional development for graduate coordinators – Offers links to the Graduate School Seminar Series, OHRD, Career Development Facilitator Training, information about campus information systems, and more.

The Graduate School maintains information about staff in all graduate-degree granting departments and programs. You can use this directory to view other program’s contact information. We use this directory when sending information to departmental faculty and staff.  The Graduate School relies on departments/programs to keep their directory up to date. To find out who should be updating your directory, check with your admissions coordinator or program chair. 

Click here to view the Program/Unit Directory.

Click here for instructions on updating your directory information.

This list, called “Our Academic Programs” or “Major Areas of Study”, includes all active graduate-level academic programs at UW–Madison.  This page is frequented by prospective graduate students seeking more information about our programs.  Within each page we link to the program website; provide contact information for admissions; list deadlines and admissions requirements, including whether or not the GRE is required; and give program statistical information on admissions, enrollment, student funding, and degrees.

Click here to explore Our Academic Programs.

For instructions for updating your program's Academic Program page, click here.

To keep your program’s information up-to-date, click here.

The KnowledgeBase offers training for graduate admissions coordinators on the graduate admissions processes. If you have questions, please contact the admissions staff.

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