Graduate Program Resources

Whether you are an admissions, Masters, PhD, or fellowship coordinator (or all four) you are often the first contact students have with UW–Madison or your department. You may be asked about applying to graduate school, your program requirements, and deadlines for fellowships. The resources on this page can lead you to many of the answers.

As you browse the Graduate School website, remember that the following list of essential resources is also available in the footer of all webpages.

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UW–Madison values all individuals and commits to a shared responsibility towards designing inclusively and accessibly for people with disabilities. Visit Accessibility@UW–Madison to learn about disability rights, ableism, accessibility resources, and information faculty, students, and staff need to do their part in creating accessible events and content.

Administrative KnowledgeBase (KB) - Resource for graduate program faculty and staff

The Graduate School KnowledgeBase or KB is an essential resource for graduate programs. The KB homepage includes a calendar of trainings and deadlines for graduate program staff.

In the KB, you will find information about the following subtopics. Click on the subtopic title to be taken directly to that section of the KB.

GS Admin KB topics include:

Admissions deadlines

Graduate School admissions deadlines for graduate coordinators are available on the Graduate School KnowledgeBase:

Summer 2022 deadlines >>

Fall 2022 deadlines >>

Applicant Review

Applicant Review is the Graduate School’s system that provides programs access to review applications for admission and perform various related workflow functions.

Enter Applicant Review >>

Checklist for new coordinators

The Graduate School offers comprehensive guidance for new graduate program coordinators. This checklist is the perfect place to start.

Read the checklist >>

Data resources & requests

A wide variety of campus data resources related to graduate education at UW–Madison are available for university staff. These include data reports, interactive data visualizations and data queries. More information on these resources can be found in the Graduate School KnowledgeBase.

University staff and campus researchers wishing to request a specific data report or product not otherwise available should use our data request intake form. To complete the form you will first need to log in to your campus G Suite account.

Graduate School Data >>

Graduate Guide

The Guide is an official document of record and is reviewed and updated every year. Graduate program coordinators play an essential role in updating the publication.

Browse the Guide >>

Learn about the update/editing cycle >>

Graduate School contacts

We’re here to help. Use the lists below to identify the right person to address your questions or concerns.

Browse contacts by function >>

View the contacts list by staff member name >>

Read about each Graduate School unit and view staff contacts within each office >>

Graduate student recruitment resources

The Graduate School offers materials for those traveling to recruitment events or hosting visit days. Materials include recruitment folders and information about graduate study at UW–Madison.

View and download recruitment materials >>

View resources for recruiting admitted applicants >>

In addition, the webpage Investing in Graduate Assistants outlines the strength of the university investment in graduate assistantship and related support. This resource may be useful to graduate faculty in a variety of settings, from recruiting new graduate students, to better informing your current graduate students about their full range of benefits, to dispelling common myths about assistantships.

Graduate Student Tracking System (GSTS)

The Graduate Student Tracking System (GSTS) will allow for efficient, accurate and consistent advising.

Visit the GSTS project website >>

Incident reporting resources

Faculty and staff members with student-related concerns can find reporting resources for students regarding a variety of incidents on the Graduate School’s website.

Find out more about incident reporting resources at UW–Madison >>

Program changes and governance

Supporting UW–Madison’s commitment to timely and beneficial academic program review is a priority. The Graduate Faculty Executive Committee exercises the powers of the graduate faculty with respect to establishing, reviewing and modifying graduate degree programs, named options, doctoral minors, graduate/professional certificates, and capstone certificates.

Learn more about program changes and governance >>

Trainings, meetings, and important dates

The KB calendar contains meetings, trainings, seminars, workshops, and other events for graduate programs, as well as important deadlines for graduate program administration.

View the calendar >>

Our Academic Programs

This list, called “Our Academic Programs”, includes all active graduate-level academic programs at UW–Madison. This page is frequented by prospective graduate students seeking more information about our programs. Each item on this list links to the program’s page in the Graduate Guide and gives students program statistical information on admissions, enrollment, student funding, degrees, and career outcomes.

View the Our Academic Programs page >>

Update or access the Unit Directory

This directory lists important contacts in each graduate program. These roles include Graduate Program Coordinator, Director of Graduate Study, Admissions Contact, Graduate Faculty, and more. The Graduate School uses this directory when sending information to graduate faculty and staff and relies on graduate program coordinators to keep their directory up to date.

Access the Unit Directory >>

Update your directory information >>