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Picture of current McNair Scholars

McNair Student Orientation Seminar in Knoxville, Tennessee

UW–Madison has an outstanding McNair Scholars Program to assist undergraduates in obtaining the skills and knowledge necessary to succeed in graduate school. This national program provides research opportunities, research stipends and extensive preparation to create a bridge between undergraduate and graduate education.

Each year, approximately 25 highly qualified students interested in post-graduate study participate in the McNair Scholars program.  The goal of the McNair Scholars Program is to create a diverse academic environment by increasing the number of traditionally underrepresented students in UW–Madison graduate programs and ultimately the professorate.  

This federally-funded program accepts applicants from low-income backgrounds who are first-generation college students and targeted minority applicants.

*Under federal guidelines for the McNair program, “targeted minority” includes African-American/Black; American Indian and/or Hispanic/Latino(a).


About Dr. Ronald E. McNair

In January 1978 NASA selected Ronald E. McNair to enter the astronaut cadre as one of the first three African Americans selected. In 1986, McNair and his six crew members died in an explosion aboard the space shuttle Challenger. In his memory, members of Congress provided funding for the Ronald E. McNair Post-Baccalaureate Achievement Program to encourage low-income, first generation college students to enroll in graduate studies.

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