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New Faculty Welcome, University Club 2006

Graduate education and research are purposefully and deeply connected at UW–Madison. Our philosophy is clear and time-tested: The creation of new knowledge through research depends on educational excellence and graduate education is perfected through research.

As graduate education and research are linked, so are our faculty and students. They are bound by a strong and ongoing tradition of mentorship that helps equip UW–Madison’s 9,000 graduate students for leadership roles in their chosen fields.

UW–Madison is nationally respected for the breadth and depth of its academic resources and the quality and stature of its faculty. Our students are involved in more than 150 programs, many interdisciplinary in nature. And, according to the National Research Council, UW-Madison has more highly rated doctoral programs than any other U.S. university.

Its research prowess is also widely admired. With a $1.1 billion investment in research, UW–Madison routinely ranks among the top four universities in the U.S.

The list of resources on this page will help you connect with the university, the Graduate School and with each other as you build your career here at UW–Madison.

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