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Research, Funding and Professional Development Resources for Graduate Students

The information below supplements the Information Sessions at the 2017 Fall New Graduate Student Welcome events.

The Graduate School Office of Professional Development is committed to graduate students’ academic and professional success. Our mission is to coordinate, develop, and promote learning opportunities to foster the academic, professional, and life skills of graduate students. 

Professional success encompasses many paths, whether graduate students pursue careers as faculty members or in an array of exciting opportunities in the private sector or public service. Each semester we host a series on career development, Beyond the Tenure Track, addressing topics like transferable skills, interview preparation, and networking. We maintain a campus subscription to the Versatile PhD, an online resource to help graduate students identify and prepare for non-academic careers.

We encourage graduate students to be proactive and intentional in planning their paths to success. Use of an Individual Development Plan (IDP) is recommended for all graduate students at UW-Madison. To support graduate students and their mentors in developing IDPs, we offer a collection of resources, face-to-face workshops, and planning tools.

The Office of Professional Development coordinates skill-building opportunities in a variety of areas. The office and units across campus offer over 100 professional development events each semester. The Office of Professional Developments sends GradConnections Weekly to all graduate students to keep them abreast of these opportunities, as well as funding opportunities, deadlines and announcements.

To engage with and learn more about the Graduate School Office of Professional Development, visit our website,, follow us on Twitter, @UWMadGSEd, or email us at

The Writing Center offers a number of key services to graduate students:

  • free writing workshops throughout the semester, on topics ranging from style and grammar advice to dissertation proposal drafting and job market material preparation (online registration available)
  • free individual and drop-in appointments with Writing Center instructors on any academic or professional writing project (and online assistance by email or video as well!)
  • teaching advice on written assignment assessment for Teaching Assistants (TAs)
  • access to the UW-Madison Writer’s Handbook, a collection of guides to academic and professional writing
  • NEW! Writer’s Retreats – several of these concentrated opportunities to write in a supportive atmosphere are offered throughout the semester.

More information is available at the Writing Center’s website, which is a great resource for keeping track of all of the workshops and other services being offered during the semester.

In addition to traditional library services (including Inter-Library Loan (ILL), article and book delivery, journal and database access, assistance with research resources, and online study room reservation), the UW Libraries offer several additional services that benefit graduate students:

  • library tours that provide an introduction to the UW library system and a preview of the online information resources (such as the library catalog and journal/information databases)
  • library workshops that provide instruction on many topics, such as how to use the free UW-supported citation managers. Additionally, some workshops are specifically geared towards graduate students, and help student identify and apply for research and other academic grants.

The UW Libraries Services brochure provide a quick guide and general overview of all of the services offered.

The Grants Information Collection is the place to go for information on academic grants. The collection website contains workshop materials, access to databases, and new online workshop called Grants for Your Education. Do you have specific grant-related questions? Graduate students can contact the Grants librarian directly, or schedule an appointment for in-person research help at the Collection office,  located on the 2nd floor of Memorial Library behind the Reference Desk in Room 262.

The Office of Fellowships & Funding Resources (OFFR) provides assistance to graduate students, staff and faculty on campus funding issues through various methods, including:

  • advising students on their appointments.
  • offering students a step-by-step guide to finding funding.
  • providing workshops on finding funding to support graduate education.
  • promoting major external fellowship programs to which students may apply.
  • maintaining a list of major external fellowships
  • administering a variety of internal and external fellowship competitions.
  • advising faculty and staff on the administration of different appointment types.

The Division of Information Technology (DoIT) offers a comprehensive array of services to the UW-Madison graduate population. A few of these services are:

In addition, Software Training for Students (STS) offers a wide variety of free software classes throughout the semester that are open to all UW-Madison students. These range from classes designed to improve expertise in basic office software (such as Word and Excel) to those that provide an introduction to many more specialized software packages especially helpful to graduate students. Classes are searchable by topic and date, and online registration is available.

In addition to the technology workshops, STS provides:

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