Successful Interviewing for Non-Academic Positions

October 10 @ 4:00 – 5:30pm
159 Wisconsin Idea Room, Education Building

You decided to enter the non-academic job market and landed an interview. Congratulations. Now you have one chance to impress. In this workshop you will learn what to expect outside of academia, review a structure for crafting interview responses that illustrate your experiences, tips on how to prepare a job talk and discuss effective nonverbal communication. Register here »

Optimizing Your LinkedIn Profile

November 14 @ 4:00 – 5:30pm
Union South (TITU)

A robust LinkedIn presence is key to positioning yourself to secure your ideal job - or having it find you! Career Consultant Gina Jenkins will share proven strategies and best practices to help you optimize you LinkedIn profile and grow your professional network strategically. Following the presentation, you will have the opportunity to have a professional head shot taken. Food will be served. Register here »

Building Your Networking Confidence

November 30 @ 2:30 – 4:00pm
Union South (TITU)

Networking is commonly thought to be a trait someone is born with rather than a strategy one can learn. More than simply schmoozing a stranger, networking develops your relationships with your peers and colleagues for long-term success. In this interactive workshop, you will learn about the basics of networking, a variety of techniques and strategies for meaningful networking, and how to play to your personal and professional strengths in the process. You will also have a chance to practice! Register here »

The Versatile PhD


The Versatile PhD is a web-based resource for graduate students, Ph.D.s, alumni, and postdoctoral fellows interested in exploring non-academic careers. The site can be accessed from any computer and is confidential. While many areas of the site are open to everyone, UW-Madison is a subscriber, which means that current students, faculty, staff and recent alumni get access to the high-quality PhD Career Finder of the Versatile PhD site. More »

Versatile PhD - Ask Me Anything

Versatile PhD’s 2017-18 event schedule will consist of two extended Ask Me Anything (AMA) sessions with PhD career experts. Rather than the more common rapid-fire AMAs, each of these events will be active for three days, plenty of time for a wide range of questions, answers, and follow-up.

September 6-8: Desney Tan, Senior Director of Microsoft's Clinical Sensing and Analytics Group. Click here to register.

October 11-13: Peter Fiske, Director of Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory's Water-Energy Resilience Institute. Click here to register.

Professional Development Events at UW–Madison

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