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Time Management for Graduate Students

Presenter: Jennifer Faust, Associate Vice Provost for Strategic Initiatives and Director of the Office of Quality Improvement and Administrative Process Redesign

In this interactive workshop, graduate students learned tips and techniques for staying on track and managing their time. Presenter Jennifer Faust covered goal-setting, minimizing distractions and staying focused, and overcoming some of the most common challenges to staying on task. Participants gained strategies that they can apply immediately. The strategies were appropriate for students in any discipline.

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How to Turn Your Ph.D. Into a Job

Presenter: Karen Kelsky

Karen Kelsky demystifys the confusing and peculiar job market process for graduate students. Kelsky illuminates the conditions of the American tenure track job market, and offers advice about how to strategize a career plan and tailor your record and application materials to maximize your chances of success, with an eye to both academic and non-academic jobs.

Job Search Strategies 2017

Presenter: Donna Beestman, Career Success StrategiesDonna-with-Client600x400

Searching for a professional position needs to be approached like undertaking a very challenging project. Drawing from over 20 years helping thousands of professionals and executives with job searches, Donna Beestman will share tips on crafting your resume and other marketing documents, developing your verbal talking points, creating an effective online presence, expanding your professional network, and preparing for interviewing.

Interviewing for Faculty Positions

Successful interviewing relies on effective preparation. What should you know to prepare for faculty position interviews? What expectations will institutions have of you? What type of meetings might occur during the interview process? This session will focus on thinking through the process of preparing for interviews. A panel of new faculty who have recently gone through the interview process and seasoned faculty who have interviewed many applicants will give tips and answer your questions.

The Graduate Students' Guide to the Non-Academic Job Search

Presenter: Anne Krook

Join guest speaker Anne Krook to learn how non-academic employers think about graduate students as potential employees, how to get ready for the non-academic job market while you are still in graduate school, and how to conduct a job search. We will also review a tool that assesses all your skills – not just academic ones – and review a resume and discuss how to write yours.

Personal Branding

Presenter: Kristina Vack, Career Advisor at College of Agriculture and Life Science

Everyone knows what a brand is. Nike, Pepsi, Disney, Apple. This buzzword is getting thrown around a lot in career and job search conversations. Why should you care? Your potential employers are googling you and making decisions with the content they receive before you sit in the interview chair. You have the ability to manage your reputation both online and offline. Come to this workshop prepared to engage in individual and small group exercises to help you develop a 5 word personal brand. We will also cover ways to start establishing your brand online.

The Enjoyment of Employment: Finding the Right Workplace Culture

Presenter: Doug Kalish, Ph.D., Visiting Scholar at UC-Berkeley

Whether you are considering an academic or non-academic career after graduate school or postdoc, you’ll want to find a place where you are happy. Matching your work personality to the culture of the organization is one of the prime factors in workplace happiness. In this workshop you’ll assess your workplace personality which we will then match against different work environments to see what kinds of organizations are compatible with your work style. We’ll end with a checklist and timeline for starting your job search so that you’ll be fully prepared when the time comes.

Secrets of a Ph.D. Headhunter – Landing a Job Outside Academia

Presenter: Sue Basalla

Find out how to get a job outside academia, even if you aren’t yet sure whether you really want one. Sue Basalla will share tips and strategies from her experience as an executive recruiter for higher education. You’ll learn what employers really think about your resume, how to stand out in the crowd, and the critical first step that most graduate students and postdocs overlook when hunting for non-academic jobs.

3-Minute Thesis Competition

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