The Versatile PhD is a web-based resource for graduate students, Ph.D.s, recent alumni, and postdoctoral fellows interested in exploring non-academic careers. The site can be accessed from any computer and is confidential.

While many areas of the site are open to everyone, UW-Madison is a subscriber, which means that current students, faculty, staff and recent alumni get access to the high-quality PhD Career Finder of the Versatile PhD site.

Here’s what you’ll find:

  • A thriving and supportive web-based community where you can participate in discussions and network with actual “Versatile PhDs”, or just listen and learn
  • Examples of successful resumes and cover letters that resulted in  doctoral program graduates and ABDs getting their first post-academic positions
  • A collection of compelling first-person narratives written by successful PhDs and ABDs, describing how they established their non-academic careers, and including their actual application materials
  • Successful CV-to-resume conversions that resulted in a PhD or ABD getting hired into his or her first non-academic position
  • Archived panel discussions featuring PhDs working in non-academic fields who describe their jobs and answer questions from members

To access the PhD Career Finder, you must log in once with your NetID through the link below and establish your account. After that, the site remembers you for a year as a UW–Madison subscriber, so you can log in directly to the site and still access the PhD Career Finder.

Once you reach the Versatile PhD login page, create a VPhD account if it is your first time. If you already have an account sign in as usual.

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