Project Management

Managing projects and developing people’s potential requires an understanding of systematic approach methods, evaluation, and effective use of resources.

The Graduate School and the Office of Quality Improvement co-sponsor a one-day workshop, designed to teach the skills needed for successful project management. This course was especially designed for UW–Madison graduate students who want to enhance their capability to successfully lead a project to completion, whether it be a capstone project, a dissertation, field work or other projects.

Review the workshop materials on this page, and search DiscoverPD for this and other opportunities to learn about project management.

Workshop participants' notes

"For my next new research project, I certainly will use those things I learned from this project management workshop. It broadened my thinking because it's not just about the things you want to do. It's also about the relationships you've got to manage."

Frank Lefeng Lin, PhD Sociology '19

Recorded Workshops

Watch the 2021 Project Management Workshop recording to learn more about this topic.

Course materials

Through these materials, students learn and apply proven, practical project management techniques used by professional project managers, and enhance leadership, management, collaboration, and teamwork skills. The topics covered in this material include:

  • Understanding the project management lifecycle – and why the lifecycle is important
  • How to identify and engage stakeholders in defining and endorsing the project requirements
  • Managing risk, communication, and change
  • Executing and controlling the tasks, timeline, and resources
  • Preparing for a successful project closure and transition

2018 Project Management for Graduate Students – Presentation

2018 Project Management for Graduate Students Course Workbook

2018 Project Management for Graduate Students Case Study