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Assistant Professor Erica Halverson joins students in a small-group activity during a graduate-level, identity-and-learning class

As a graduate student at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, you will thrive in a vibrant community that embraces diversity and values a distinctive mix of lively city life and natural beauty.  This webpage provides you with a starting point to begin exploring resources on the topics of Living in Madison, Getting Involved on Campus, Health and Wellness Resources, and Financial Resources.

UW offers awesome opportunities for graduate students to escape from their unending duties: workshops, lectures on relevant topics, mini-courses . . . and let’s not forget the activities waiting to be lived in Madison, from salsa dancing to windsurfing on Lake Mendota, from fresh sushi on Library Mall (as fresh as it can get in the Midwest), to organic beef and frozen custard. If you dare, come and experience Madison!

—Eulàlia Puig Abril, Life Sciences Communication

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