Living in Madison

Over the years, Madison has become one of the best places in the Midwest to live, work, play, and raise a family.  To anyone who has lived in Madison for a period of time, it is the natural beauty, the change of seasons, stimulating cultural opportunities, and the wealth of award-winning restaurants, shops and attractions that are available throughout the area that makes living here so desirable. Learn more about this great city at Discover Madison 365 or at


Madison has a lot of housing options, no matter what your budget, and with a great metro bus system, you really can’t go wrong whether you choose to live on campus or off.

Get out and enjoy the town, as there’s more to graduate work than just school work. Don’t just hang around the campus area; also check out the great neighborhoods on the east and west side of town. There’s plenty of low-brow and high-brow things to find out about Madison.

—Jake Miller, La Follette School of Public Affairs

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