Baby Changing Stations on Campus

The following is a list of just some of the baby changing stations on campus; this is not yet a comprehensive list.To contribute a location to the list or suggest corrections, please email

Art Lofts View in Map
Unisex Bathroom # 121
Women’s Bathroom # 1228

Babcock Hall View in Map
Room # 127
Room # 131

Education Building View in Map
Men’s Bathroom # L167
Woman’s Bathroom # L165
Men’s Bathroom # 167
Women’s Bathroom # 165 Women’s Bathroom # 265

Grainger Hall View in Map
Men’s Bathroom # 1246
Women’s Bathroom # 1261
Womens’s Bathroom # 2461
Men’s Bathroom # 2465

Law Building View in Map
2 portable free-standing stations:
3rd floor women’s bathroom
1st floor unisex bathroom

Memorial Union View in Map
1st floor Women’s Bathroom by Essentials
1st floor Men’s Bathroom by Essentials
2nd floor Women’s Bathroom
4th floor Men’s Bathroom

Union South View in Map
See the Union South website for more information.

Stock Pavilion View in Map
New Women’s Handicap Bathroom in SW of the building (no room #)
New Men’s Handicap Bathroom in SW end of the building (no room #)

Waisman Center View in Map
Room # 112
Room # 304
Room # 306
Room # 406
Room # 508

Weeks Hall for Geological Sciences View in Map
Women’s Bathroom #A134 WTR
Men’s Bathroom #A138 MTR

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