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Our philosophy is clear and time-tested: The creation of new knowledge through research depends on educational excellence and graduate education is perfected through research. Our graduate students, and the work they do, illustrate this synergistic relationship. This Wisconsin tradition is built on a foundation of world-class faculty, diverse students determined to succeed, research innovation and facilities and programs second to none. This page is dedicated to telling the stories of our many successful graduate students.

Maichou Lor

Miachou Lor is the first person in her clan to finish a university degree of any sort and is excelling in the early entry Ph.D. program at the School of Nursing. She received her undergraduate degree from the UW–Madison in 2011 and her masters in 2013. Read more »

Insider art

Spring Greeney and Elizabeth Scheer, two UW-Madison graduate students, co-taught an art class at Oakhill Correctional Institution that generated some of the works currently on display at Madison's Central Library on W. Mifflin. Credit: Laura Zastrow. Read more »

Homo naledi: Inside the cave

Alia Gurtov, a graduate student at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, describes the first time she entered the dark, narrow chamber of the Rising Star Cave and saw the ancient bones that would eventually be classified as Homo naledi. Photo: John Hawks. Read more »

Motivation, mentorship help deaf student reach for biology Ph.D.

Phu Duong, a doctoral student in the University of Wisconsin–Madison’s Cellular and Molecular Pathology Graduate Program who is deaf, works with cultures in Corinna Burger’s neurology research lab in Bardeen Medical Laboratories. Read more »

The Intersection of the awe-inspiring and the subtle

Painter Melanie Treuhaft works with projected light and painted materials to add dimension to her art. Read more »

Communities have turned to water resources program for 50 years

Students prepared recommendations, which have now been carried out, to maintain and improve Lake Marion, restore the adjacent Black Earth Creek corridor, and develop a trail network linking community open space. Read more »

UW–Madison students estimate the cost of Wisconsin's clean drinking water

UW-Madison graduate students recently helped the Public Service Commission (PSC) of Wisconsin estimate the amount of “embodied energy” (left, photo courtesy of Google Maps) (center, photo by Jeff Miller, UW-Madison) and Milwaukee (right, photo courtsey of Wikipedia). Read more »

Graduate student receives prestigious Howard Hughes Medical Institute fellowship

Zizi Pisthkul, a Ph.D. candidate in Cellular and Molecular Biology, received a grant to fund her research on biofilms through the 2016-17 school year. Read more »

Kyle Knox: The Accidental Conductor

As a promising young conductor, and a graduate student at UW-Madison, Kyle Knox will conduct UW's upcoming opera - Transformation, after his success in conducting University Opera's award-winning Albert Herring. Photo: Naha Greenholtz Read more »

Urban Canid Project helps track Madison’s coyotes and prevent conflicts

University of Wisconsin–Madison graduate students study the behavior of growing fox and coyote populations in the city of Madison. Read more »

Partnership works to maintain and revitalize Native languages

UW-Madison graduate students contribute work to the Menominee Language Texts for Teachers project. Photo courtesy Professor Monica Macaulay. Read more »

Weaving Women’s Voices Across Generations

Weaving Women’s Voices Across Generations, is a UW–Madison project which brought together female Hmong-American students and older Hmong women. Read more »

UW–Madison grad student wins HHMI international fellowship

Graduate Student Yei Hwan Jung has been named a Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI) International Student Research Fellow. Photo: 2014 Qualcomm Innovation Prize winners. Credit – Brett Stepanik Read more »

A Modern Approach to Tracking Rehabilitation Efforts

Jackie Edmunds is a UW-Madison graduate student, using GPS to track the success of rehabilitated birds after they are released. She works at the Dane County Humane Society's Four Lakes Wildlife Center while pursuing a master's degree in Conservation Biology and Sustainable Development. Photo courtesy of Jackie Edmunds. Read more »

Twin journeys to a Ph.D. at UW–Madison

Sheida Malekpour, along with her twin Shirzad, received her Ph.D. from UW–Madison this May. Photo by Dakota Mace Read more »

Claire Berezowitz

Claire Berezowitz is the recipient of The 2016 K. Patricia Cross Future Leaders Award by her commitment to developing academic and civic responsibility. She is completing a joint Ph.D. in Educational Psychology and Civil Society & Community Research. Read more »

A summer lark that led to something bigger: Meet UW–Madison cellist Kyle Price

What started out as an idea for a bit of musical summer fun has transformed into a four-week annual music festival for audiences in upstate New York and the NYC area. Read more »

Moving fast to study nitrates in the Mississippi, algae in Lake Mendota

UW-Madison graduate student uses Fast Limnological Automated Measurement (FLAMe) to collect and study real-time water sample data. Photo credit: Jeff Miller. Read more »

UW Researchers Bring Geothermal Energy to Rural Wisconsin

Graduate student of geological engineering at UW–Madison help to install geothermal system in rural Wisconsin to heat and cool Wisconsin homes. Photo courtesy: Eleanor Bloom (left) James Tinjum (right) Read more »

UW–Madison students help the city cut carbon emissions

To reduce Madison’s carbon emissions, UW–Madison students proposed transit-oriented city development around a bus rapid transit system. Combining public transportation with a bike-share system for the “last mile connection” between the home, bus stop and office may make commuting by bus more appealing. Photos: Jeff Miller (left) Phil Roeder (right). Read more »

Ph.D. fueled by desire to improve education for indigenous students

Nicky Bowman’s passion and determination to improve education for indigenous students drove her to earn a Ph.D. at UW-Madison. Read more »

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