Graduate School Data

The University of Wisconsin–Madison Graduate School is committed to data transparency about student experiences and employment outcomes. This page provides data highlights, links to interactive data dashboards, and information about national data initiatives in which UW–Madison is a partner.

Admissions and Enrollment

For fall 2019, the admission rate was 30.5%. The enrollment rate was 47.8%. Admissions and enrollment information for individual programs is also available in the Graduate School Explorer.

Admissions and Enrollment

Doctoral Student Funding

In fall 2019, 85% of PhD students had funding through UW in the form of graduate assistantships and fellowships. Other students generally rely on a combination of funding sources including external funding, employment, personal savings, and loans.

PhD Student Funding

Doctoral Career Outcomes

PhD alumni 5 years post-graduation held careers in a variety of sectors, including in academia (59% of PhD graduates), for-profit industries (28%), government (6%), non-profit organizations (2%), and other fields (5%).

PhD Career Outcomes

About Our Data Projects

The Graduate School is involved in a number of data projects that seek to improve data collection and transparency about graduate admissions, enrollment, funding, career outcomes, and more.

Explore More Data

The Graduate School Explorer provides information about student admissions, enrollment, funding, degrees, program completion, and career outcomes at the UW–Madison Graduate School in an easy-to-access format that allows filtering.

Visit the Graduate School Explorer

Data Resources & Requests

A wide variety of campus data resources related to graduate education at UW–Madison are available for university staff. These include data reports, interactive data visualizations, and data queries. More information on these resources can be found in the Graduate School KnowledgeBase.

University staff and campus researchers wishing to request a specific data report or product not otherwise available should use our data request intake form. To complete the form you will first need to log in to your campus G Suite account.