Linking Research & Education

Our Unique Approach combines a superb graduate education with one of the world’s most successful research enterprises. This is the signature of the Graduate School at UW–Madison. More »

Explore Our Programs

With over 160 master’s degree programs and over 100 at the doctoral level, the University of Wisconsin–Madison offers a wide range of academic fields to choose from More »

Research News

The research engine at UW–Madison is driven by a hunger for discovery, gifted researchers, top graduate students, dedicated staff and some of the finest facilities in the world More »

WARF-Funded Graduate Students

Rachel Silver is a Ph.D. student in educational policy studies and anthropology. Her research explores the relationship between discourse on girls’ education and sexuality in international development and the lived experiences of young women. More »

Graduate Alumni Profiles

Frederick Porter spent eight years in the vaccine industry before moving back into an academic role to become the senior director of product development at the Duke Human Vaccine Institute. More »

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