OVCRGE & Graduate School Diversity Committees

The Equity and Diversity Committee and the Committee on Diversity Initiatives exemplify our commitment to diversity. More »

Office of Diversity, Inclusion and Funding

Spearheads Graduate School diversity initiatives through campus collaboration. More »

Graduate Research Scholars

Advanced Opportunity Fellows are brought together in GRS communities. More »

Multicultural Graduate Network

Networking graduate scholars through learning and community. More »

Community—one that is strong, supportive and diverse—is at the center of a sound graduate education.

It is a community of teachers, of researchers, of students interacting with faculty and of students networking with one another. Successfully navigating the challenges of graduate study depends on a variety of enriching relationships.

The Graduate School at the University of Wisconsin-Madison is committed not only to providing a robust education in a world-class research enterprise, but also to building a diverse community of scholars.

We are working to help departments and programs across the university recruit and reward talented and diverse faculty, students and staff to demonstrate our ongoing commitment to these values.

The Graduate School’s institutional partnership with UW–Madison’s Division of Equity, Diversity and Educational Achievement and a campus committee examining diversity issues is strong and meaningful.

Central to our philosophy is that working side by side with persons of varied backgrounds, views and life experiences produces a richer and more creative academic environment, stronger cross-cultural ties and adds to our collective excellence.

The Graduate School’s international reach and attention to providing a well-rounded experience in an inclusive context reinforces those linkages, and our values and commitment will carry them forward.

Our community, our success and our future depend on it.

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