Students are allowed to enroll for a maximum of 15 credits during fall and spring. Summer maximum enrollment is 12 credits. Credits included are those courses numbered 300 or above, taken for a grade (not including audits and pass/fail).

Dissertators are not eligible for overloads in the fall or spring terms. However, in the summer, a dissertator who is enrolled in the general 8-week session for 3 credits may request an overload for 1-2 additional credits in a short session and still retain dissertator status.  For such requests to be approved, the course must be related to dissertation research or professional training that is not offered in regular semesters. Faculty advisors can request an overload exception for summer from the Graduate School Degree Coordinator.

The enrollment system counts all credits in determining maximum credit loads. An overload request is required if a student wishes to exceed the maximum number of credits they are allowed as a graduate student. Even though pass/fail courses, audit courses, and 100- or 200-level courses are not considered graduate level credits, they are counted in a total credit load. An overload request is also required if the number of credits exceeds the span of weeks in any short session during the summer (but not for a dissertator).

If a student wishes to enroll for more than the maximum credit load, they must submit a Credit Overload Request form, signed by their advisor, to the Graduate School Office of Academic Services. The Graduate School will look closely at the rationale for the request, the student’s course load, satisfactory progress, and assistantships. If the Graduate School approves the overload, the student will then be allowed to add the course.

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