Campus-wide Teaching Assistant Awards

2019 TA Award Winners
Winners of the 2019 TA Awards accept their awards at a reception Feb. 14, 2020.

The University of Wisconsin–Madison employs over 2,000 teaching assistants (TAs) across a wide variety of disciplines. The contributions of TAs in the classroom, lab, studio, and field are essential to the university’s education mission.

In order to recognize excellence on the part of TAs across campus, each year the College of Letters & Science, with support from the Graduate School, administers awards for exceptional teaching by graduate students.

The campus-wide TA Awards recognize student excellence in six categories:

The Early Excellence in Teaching Award recognizes outstanding and inspirational performance on the part of TAs with fewer than four semesters of teaching experience.

The Exceptional Service Award recognizes TAs who, in addition to their regular duties, perform exceptional service related to the educational mission of their department and our university (volunteerism, committee work, mentoring, etc.).

The Innovation in Teaching Award recognizes TAs who bring extraordinary creativity to their work and have developed or adapted teaching methods or techniques in new and innovative ways.

The Capstone PhD Teaching Award recognizes TAs who have performed as outstanding teachers throughout their UW–Madison tenure. This category honors TAs who are dissertators at the end of their graduate program and planning to defend their dissertations by the end of the academic year.

The Dorothy Powelson Teaching Assistant Award recognizes outstanding performances by TAs in the natural sciences.

The Excellence in Community-based Learning Teaching Award recognizes TAs who have demonstrated outstanding instruction using a community-based learning approach.