University of Wisconsin–Madison

Applying for a Fee Grant

The Graduate School offers a limited number of application fee grants to make sure that the application fee is not a barrier for students from our key recruiting initiatives. Fee grants are currently available to US citizens and permanent resident applicants who can document that they:

  1. participated in selected pipeline programs designed to prepare students for graduate studies,
  2. grew up in a low-income family, or
  3. were impacted by the recent hurricanes in Puerto Rico or the U.S. Virgin Islands (to be reviewed and granted on a case by case basis).

If any of the above criteria apply, please email If you are an applicant who has been impacted by other natural disasters or life events please email to inquire about possible application deadline extensions and/or possible fee grant support (to be reviewed and considered on a case by case basis).

Instructions for applicants who have participated in a pipeline program

The UW–Madison Graduate School applauds you for preparing for graduate school by participating in one of these programs! We have seen that students who come here after participating in these programs remain at UW–Madison and graduate at very high rates, so we are excited to offer you an application fee grant to encourage you to consider graduate opportunities here. If you have participated in one of the programs listed below, please follow the process described to receive a fee grant coupon code:

  1. McNair Scholars: Please complete the Certification of McNair Program Participation and submit it to for review.
  2. UW–Madison SROP: Please contact, indicating your specific summer program name and participation year, to request an application fee coupon code.
  3. Big Ten Academic Alliance (formerly CIC) SROP: Please contact, indicating your specific summer program institution and participation year, to request an application fee coupon code.
  4. Institute for Recruitment of Teachers (IRT): Please contact, indicating your participation year, to request an application fee coupon code.
  5. National GEM Consortium: Applicants for GEM Fellowships may be considered for application fee grants if their GEM applications are complete (not necessarily submitted, however, if the fee grant request comes before GEM’s November 15th deadline). Please contact, indicating which UW–Madison graduate program(s) you are interested in, so we can review your request.
  6. WiscAMP: Participants of WiscAMP should contact, indicating their home institution and which UW–Madison graduate program(s) they are interested in, to request a fee grant.

The Graduate School must verify your participation in any program before providing a coupon code and this code must be obtained prior to the submission of your application, as no application fee refunds are possible. Therefore, we encourage you to start the coupon code request process at least two weeks before the application deadline for your program(s) of interest.

Instructions for domestic applicants who have grown up in a low-income family

You may be eligible for an application fee grant if you can document that you were low income prior to or during college. Please follow the instructions below. This entire process must be completed before you submit your graduate school application, which means you should submit the request form for review at least two weeks before the application deadline for your academic program(s) of interest. No application fee grants are provided, or can be applied, after submission of your graduate application and no refunds may be made to paid application fees.

  1. Download the Fee Grant Verification Form, fill out the top portion, and send it electronically to the Financial Aid Office at your undergraduate institution. Ask that office to complete the form and return a signed, stamped copy to you.
  2. Once you have received the completed form, submit it through the graduate application as a PDF attachment. The Graduate School will review the form and notify you within ten working days if you are eligible for a fee grant. Students approved for fee grants will receive a coupon code to cover the application fee.

If you have questions about fee grants, please email