WARF-Funded Graduate Students

The Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation (WARF) plays an essential role in supporting the innovative research and graduate education that are cornerstones of the University of Wisconsin–Madison.

The following profiles illustrate the diverse and important ways that WARF contributes to graduate student success at UW–Madison.

WARF-funded student profiles

  • Claire Kilgore

    PhD candidate, Art History
    Claire’s dissertation explores depictions of pregnancy, reproductive anatomy, and childbirth in devotional art from the late Middle Ages. She analyzes what those depictions say about perceptions of the human body, reproductive health, and their connections to philosophy and religion.

  • Fernanda Szewc

    PhD candidate, Clinical Investigation
    Fernanda is a PhD candidate working in the Department of Pediatrics at the School of Medicine and Public Health. She develops cancer treatments that utilize immune cells.

  • Ilhan Bok

    PhD student, Electrical and Computer Engineering
    Ilhan's research on magnetic particle imaging has earned journal articles and campus news coverage for paving the way for scientific advances in brain and organ imaging.

  • Kelsey A. Dalrymple

    PhD candidate, Educational Policy Studies
    Kelsey's research examines the use of social and emotional learning (SEL) with refugee and crisis-affected learners, focusing on the influence of SEL with Burundian refugees in Tanzania.

  • Ned Littlefield

    PhD Candidate, Political Science
    Ned is a PhD candidate in Political Science focused on Latin American Politics. His research analyzes the militarization of law enforcement, a trend throughout Latin America of governments equipping and operating police forces like they do their military forces and deploying their militaries within national borders alongside police forces.

  • Harry Kiiru

    PhD candidate, African Cultural Studies, minor in African American Studies
    Kiiru’s dissertation considers how African immigrants to the U.S. from the 1950s through the present day interact with American racial logics and politics, in how they are seen, defined, and treated, and how they accept or challenge the racial designations placed upon them.

  • Yacov Zohn

    PhD student, History
    Yacov Zohn is a PhD candidate in History at UW–Madison specializing in sports history. His dissertation follows the story of the national Soviet soccer team from its first competitive international competition at the 1952 Olympics to its disintegration in the early 1990s.

  • Ruby Bafu

    PhD student, Sociology
    Ruby is working with a midwestern school district to study how microschools, which are smaller and often more personalized learning environments, utilize unique strategies for educating and supporting their students.

  • Katie Deaven

    PhD student, Philosophy
    Katie studies the philosophy of biology. She hopes her dissertation work will push the conversation further into a new direction.

  • Shannon Dillard

    PhD student, Geography
    Shannon uses remote sensing techniques to map thawing permafrost in Alaska. She is a collaborator on a Department of Energy project that seeks to understand the processes of permafrost thaw to improve predictions for the future.

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