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Campus/Departmental Opportunities

There are numerous merit-based Graduate School and departmental fellowships that are awarded to graduate students, including fellowships designed to enhance diversity on campus. Nominations and/or selection of most fellowship awards for incoming students are made by the particular graduate program(s) to which students are applying. To inquire about eligibility and application procedures, you must contact your graduate program.

The Dickie Fellowship competition is administered by the Graduate School and supports graduate students who were residents of Sauk County at the time of matriculation at UW-Madison and are enrolled in science, math, or engineering graduate programs. This fellowship also gives preference to returning adult students. This is either a 9-month or 12- month fellowship.  Students can apply directly for this fellowship by going to the Wisconsin Scholarship Hub.

The 2019 competition will open in February.

The Straka Fellowship competition is administered by the Graduate School and supports dissertators pursuing a course of study in one of the fields of engineering, physical or biological sciences, mathematics or economics (concentrating on the advantages of the free-enterprise profit system).  Applicants will also need to be able to demonstrate how they qualify as “gifted” and how they are representative of a middle-class, middle-income group.  This is a 12-month fellowship. Students can apply directly for this fellowship by going to the Wisconsin Scholarship Hub.

The 2019 competition will open in February.

The Kemper Knapp Nomination Process 2018-19 (PDF) is administered by the Graduate School and provides one-year fellowships to incoming PhD, DMA-, or MFA-bound underrepresented students, such as students of color and low-income first-generation students, and students in underfunded areas such as the arts and humanities.  Academic programs may nominate incoming PhD, DMA-, or MFA-bound students who will begin enrollment in a graduate program in Fall 2018.

The nomination window for academic programs to nominate prospective candidates for the 2019 award will open in January.

For the 2018-19 academic year the Mellon-Wisconsin fellowship competition will be run as a year-round competition for dissertators in the College of Letters and Science conducting research in the humanities or humanistic social sciences. Fellowships will be available for the fall or spring semesters, or the summer term. Students will continue to apply directly to the Graduate School for these fellowships.

The application for the Mellon-Wisconsin spring fellowship competition will be available September 17–October 10 and award announcements will be made before November 21. Click here for more information about the Mellon-Wisconsin application process.

External Funding Opportunities

You are encouraged to identify and apply for fellowships from federal agencies, professional organizations, and private foundations. Please be aware that each particular fellowship will have its own unique set of benefits and responsibilities. You should make sure you understand the terms and conditions of any fellowship/scholarship for which you are applying: award/stipend amount, tuition coverage (if any), other supplemental funds (e.g., travel funds, research funds, conference presentation funds). Follow these links for more information.

Upcoming Fellowships and Grants Competitions Deadlines