International Students

International Students

Whether your career goal is to do research that will advance global knowledge or to hold a leadership position in your field with government or industry, UW–Madison is a great place to start.  Our graduate programs attract students of diverse cultural backgrounds and more than 2,500 of our current graduate students hail from around the globe – China, India, Korea, Turkey, Taiwan, Germany, Iran and a host of other countries.

UW–Madison ranks 10th among public institutions in the U.S. News & World Report’s 2012 edition of America’s Best Colleges. According to the National Research Council’s survey released in 2010, UW–Madison had 40 programs ranked in the top ten in their field. And the National Research Council found that UW–Madison has more highly rated doctoral programs than any other U.S. university.

Explore our programs to find the best fit for you. You’ll find UW–Madison to be an excellent choice for graduate study.

Additional admission requirements for international students

Proof of funding (only when requested)
  • Proof of funding will be requested and verified by the Graduate School. Funding sources may be the program, applicant, government, employer, individual, or a combination of these.
  • Additional information will be requested through your online status check page.
  • Financial documentation is received, verified, and approved by the Graduate School.
  • Admission is finalized.
  • After processing, the formal admission letter and visa documents are sent to the student.
Documents for visa appointment
  • Delivery takes four to five weeks. Information about shipping options will be sent via email when the I-20 documents are ready.
  • Refer to your individual status check page for details on your visa documents.
Follow online status check page

International Applicant Financial Information

The following information is valid through Fall 2019.

International applicants are required to have sufficient funds to cover expenses completely while attending the University of Wisconsin–Madison. You must certify that you have a minimum of $45,779 (U.S. dollars) in a checking or savings account at the time of admission. This amount may be greater because of insurance costs and if you bring dependents (see International Applicant Financial Information below).

The university’s Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP) is mandatory for international students and their dependents living in the U.S. Summer school tuition is in addition to the student expenses listed below.

Do not plan on working unless you have been granted a University of Wisconsin–Madison assistantship. U.S. law limits work opportunities for international students while they are in the U.S.

Employment regulations for international students can be found on the International Student Services (ISS) site.

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International Student Expenses 2019 (Tuition rates may vary by program)

wdt_ID Student Expenses Age 25 and younger Age 26 and older
1 Tuition and segregated fees for academic year (fall and spring) $25,336 25,336
2 Food and housing (12 months) $13,500 $13,500
3 Incidentals (clothing, transportation, personal items) $4,351 $4,351
4 Books and supplies $1,200 $1,200
5 Health Insurance - SHIP (mandatory 12 months) $1,392 $2,076
6 Total Student Expenses $45,779 $46,463

Dependent Expenses, in addition to Student Expenses above

wdt_ID Dependent Expenses Age 25 and younger Age 26 and older
1 Spouse/Partner living expenses, not including insurance $5,750 $5,750
2 Each child's living expenses, not including insurance or childcare $7,850 $7,850
3 Additional mandatory insurance for spouse/partner $3,120 $3,720
4 Additional mandatory insurance for one child $2,736 $3,276
5 Additional mandatory insurance for more than one child (family coverage) $5,784 $6,912

Funding Opportunities for International Students

Though citizenship requirements restrict international students from holding some fellowships, there are other fellowships for which international students are eligible to be nominated, including University Fellowships and some departmental fellowships. Graduate Assistantships are also available to international students. To find out about these options, contact your program.

  • International students will find numerous resources for funding on the International Student Services (ISS) site.
  • The Grants Information Collection at UW–Madison lists resources for international students seeking funding.
  • Loans: International students may be eligible for private loans from lenders. One such resource is The Global Loan.