Tackle common problems in intro Chemistry at Madison College

Description: The General Chemistry course at Madison College offers an experience teaching core concepts using a student-centered approach to a diverse class. The instructor is a former graduate student who has a certificate in teaching/learning similar to the Delta certificate. He is open to talking with interns about projects that would improve conceptual learning, address disparate incoming student backgrounds, improve feedback to students, or support underperforming students. Strategies might include problem-based learning, case studies, active learning, peer-study groups, inquiry labs, or integrating technology such as a flipped classroom.

Semester(s): Fall or Spring
Institution: Madison College
Department(s): Chemistry
Intern background needed: Undergraduate-level chemistry

Course: Chem 134, Introductory Chemistry
Course info:
Course time/day: 

Possible unit topics for intern project:

Challenges a project might address include: Past intern projects have included considering how to help students visualize solutions, and better engaging students with learning chemical nomenclature.

Teaching approaches used:

Contact: Nilhan Gunasekera, ngunasekera@madisoncollege.edu