Support student learning in sustainability

Description: Work with a discussion-based engineering course in sustainable building. Your unit might include active learning approaches such as case studies, and would include formative and aligned summative assessments. Example activities include instructor-led discussion guiding students to identify real-world problems related to sustainability, group activities developing potential solutions or assessing existing solutions.

Semester(s) an intern might contact: Fall or Spring
Institution: UW–Madison
Department(s): Civil and Environmental Engineering
Intern background needed: Engineering; Interest in sustainability

Course: Sustainable Building and Materials
Course info: Discussion-based course for upper-level undergraduate and graduate students. 10~20 students
Course time/day (fall 2020): Monday and Wednesday, 4 – 5:15 pm

Challenges a project might address include: Developing aligned summative assessments
Potential guest teaching topics/units (weeks 6-10 of the semester): life cycle assessment, energy efficiency, or new sustainable technologies and more — the faculty partner is flexible and will be happy to work with the intern on this.

Teaching strategies of interest:
Teaching strategies currently used: Connecting course with real-world student experiences, case studies, active learning, ‘performance’ assessment (e.g. presentation, mock grant proposals), collaborative learning

Contact: Bu Wang,