Brett“I believe my engagement with Delta has provided me with more ‘academic accessories’ in my toolbelt.”

Current Position: Instructor and PhD Student, Educational Leadership & Policy Analysis, UW–Madison

Delta Internship Project: Teaching Aspiring Faculty About Autism: Employing a Course Unit to Influence Perspectives and Pedagogical Practice

What programming from Delta helped you become a more effective and evidence-based educator?

I am continually working to articulate and refine learning outcomes in the courses and projects I work on, which was thoroughly and thoughtfully reinforced in my Delta courses. I am appreciative of having space to obtain feedback on these as I become an emergent scholar.

What did you learn about inclusive teaching practices at Delta?

Participating in Delta has afforded me the opportunity to not only attain more experience in both articulating and demonstrating learning outcomes in my academic endeavors, but also serve as an outlet to refine my inclusive teaching practices.

How did going through the Delta Internship impact your approach to teaching and learning?

My Delta internship entailed me co-instructing an online course, which was a fantastic learning experience for adjusting my teaching techniques based on this mechanism, as well as gathering new insights into how to leverage platforms for inclusivity.

How did Delta help prepare you for the academic job market?

I believe my engagement in Delta has provided me with more “academic accessories” in my toolbelt as I seek a career in the academy since I have attained experience in reviewing and crafting application statements.