“The teaching certificate program has greatly benefitted me throughout my career.”

Current Position: Assistant Professor, Biology at University of Louisville

UW–Madison Career: PhD, Zoology, Evolution, Ecology

Delta Internship Project: Implementing Instructional Materials into Evolution of Behavior Discussions in Fall 2009

What motivated you to start participating in Delta?

I wanted to develop training in pedagogy and learn about best practices in teaching and learning.

What programming from Delta helped you become a more effective and evidence-based educator?

The teaching-as-research project I completed as part of the Teaching Certificate program has prepared me to apply those practices to my current courses. Therefore, I can try new methods and evaluate how well they work.

What did you learn about inclusive teaching practices at Delta?

The course “Diversity in the College Classroom” helped me become more aware of different perspectives and design more inclusive learning environments. This catalyzed my efforts to continue improving inclusivity in my teaching.

How did Delta programming shape your work as a mentor and advisor?

The course “Research Mentor Training” gave me the opportunity to reflect upon and improve my mentoring practices both through literature and conversations with colleagues.

How did going through the Delta Certificate process impact your approach to teaching and learning?

The Teaching-as-Research internship gave me the opportunity to carefully identify areas to improve in my teaching, make changes, and evaluate them. I have applied these skills in every course I have taught since.

How did Delta help prepare you for the academic job market?

The teaching certificate program has greatly benefitted me throughout my career. First, it prepared me to teach courses more effectively and efficiently as a grad student, postdoc, and now as a faculty member. Second, it made me more marketable for faculty jobs, especially at institutions with a strong emphasis in teaching.

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