UW–Madison to increase minimum graduate assistant stipends for 2022-23

Minimum stipend amounts for graduate assistants at UW–Madison will increase by three to four percent for the next academic year.

Changes to the minimum stipend rates for 2022-23 reflect a 4% increase for research assistants (RAs) and a 3% increase for teaching assistants (TAs), project assistants (PAs), and lecturer student assistants. This continued investment in graduate students, who are integral to the university teaching and research missions, has resulted in a 43.19% increase in the minimum stipend for TAs, a 42.63% increase for annual project assistantships, and a 21.6% increase for annual research assistantships over the past eight years.

“We are pleased to be able to raise the minimum stipend for graduate assistants this year,” said Graduate School Dean William J. Karpus. “In addition to receiving a stipend, graduate students also gain valuable professional training and experience through the course of an assistantship, which helps prepare them for their career of choice.”

Graduate students with assistantships over 33.3% also receive tuition remission and are eligible for many of the same benefits as faculty and staff, including health insurance. In fall 2020, 70% of enrolled doctoral students had full funding through research, teaching, and project assistantships, according to graduate student funding data. Another 16% of doctoral students had full funding through fellowships and traineeships that same term.

Graduate programs and departments will work with their school or college dean’s office this winter to set their stipend rates at or above the minimum rates. Many graduate programs offer stipends above the minimum to be competitive in their field.

Minimum rates for 50% appointments for 2022-23 are:

Teaching Assistantship
Academic: $21,115

Lecturer Student Assistant
Academic: $23,175

Project Assistantship
Annual: $25,808
Academic: $21,115

Research Assistantship
Annual: $25,808
Academic: $21,115

PA grader/reader
Hourly rate: $22.22

The new minimum rates go into effect July 1, 2022, for annual appointments and Aug. 22, 2022, for academic year appointments.

Correction 4/26/22: This article initially listed incorrect minimum rates for Research Assistantships at $25,809 for an annual appointment at $21,116 for an academic appointment. The correct minimum rates are $25,808 (annual) and $21,115 (academic).