UW–Madison to increase minimum graduate assistant stipends for 2022-23

Minimum stipend amounts for graduate assistants at UW–Madison will increase by three to four percent for the next academic year.

Changes to the minimum stipend rates for 2022-23 reflect a 4% increase for research assistants (RAs) and a 3% increase for teaching assistants (TAs), project assistants (PAs), and lecturer student assistants.

Employment policy for research assistants available

Employment policy for research assistants (RAs) has been added to Graduate Assistantship Policies and Procedures (GAPP). Published in May 2019 with initial focus on teaching assistantships (TA) and project assistantships (PA), GAPP outlines policies for appointment letters, orientation and training, leave benefits, grievance procedure, and more.

Graduate School Annual Report available

The Graduate School has released its Annual Report 2018-2019, illustrating achievements across the themes of service, diversity, and engagement. The Graduate School, led by Dean William J. Karpus, enrolls 21 percent of the student body …

UW–Madison formalizes graduate assistantship policy, continues investment in graduate assistants

A new policy document provides formal guidance on employment-related matters for graduate student teaching and project assistants and their supervisors.  Consistent with university values of shared decision making, the document comes out of a two-year collaborative process involving graduate students, faculty, staff, and administration.