Girl Scouts of Wisconsin Badgerland: Measure impacts to ensure all girls have access to and achieve benefits

Description: Analyze data from highest awards committee on impact of girls projects and the program as a whole, and design instructional plans. Ask questions from the data to determine whether girls and the committee are meeting objectives and learning goals. Make recommendations to the logistics committee on process changes to program to improve girl outcomes. Project could also include working with communities to develop education resources.

Semester(s) an intern might contact: Fall or Spring
Institution: Girl Scouts of Wisconsin Badgerland
Department(s): Any
Intern background needed: Project management skills. We work with Asana, but it’s fine if that’s new to you.

Learning experience time/day: Meeting times and goals will be provided upon request.

Challenges a project might address include: Ensuring all girls have access to the educational benefits of completing Girl Scouts Highest Awards
Potential guest teaching topics/units (weeks 6-10 of the semester): Possible opportunity to lead

Teaching strategies of interest: Technology-supported learning, flipped classroom
Teaching strategies currently used: Connecting to real-world student experiences, active learning, collaborative learning, technology-supported learning

Contact: Cassie Volden,