52 UW–Madison students receive NSF GRFP awards

The National Science Foundation (NSF) announced the 2023 awards in its Graduate Research Fellowship Program (GRFP), a prestigious and competitive fellowship that helps support outstanding graduate research across the country.

Of those offered awards, 47 are currently UW–Madison graduate students and an additional five are current UW–Madison undergraduates. Another 19 UW–Madison students were recognized with honorable mentions from NSF.

UW–Madison is a leading university in GRFP recipients and strongly encourages senior undergraduates and early-career graduate students to apply to this fellowship.

The 2023 UW–Madison graduate student awardees and their areas of study are:

  • Fernando Acosta-Pérez, Industrial Engineering
  • Erin Alberts, Genetics
  • Sam Anderson, Botany
  • Angel Banuelos, Genetics
  • Michaela Barber, Chemistry
  • Vanessa Barton, Mechanical Engineering
  • Maia Bates, Chemistry
  • Katie Braun, Geography
  • Jennifer Bui, Electrical & Computer Engineering
  • Myron Child, Genetics
  • Brandon Cortez, Electrical & Computer Engineering
  • Kevin Dao, Mathematics
  • Jess Davidson, Biochemistry
  • Molly DeLuca, Medical Physics
  • Alex Dobrila, Microbiology
  • Julie DuClos, Molecular & Cellular Pharmacology
  • Allison Erena, Astronomy
  • Zac Faitz, Chemistry
  • Savannah Finley, Environmental Chemistry & Technology
  • Garrett Fullerton, Medical Physics
  • Uriel Garcia, Chemistry
  • Sara Hartke, Civil & Environmental Engineering
  • MegAnn Haubold, Cancer Biology
  • Samuel Hori, Physics
  • Andrea Houck, Medical Physics
  • Ivan Hu, Computer Sciences
  • Carlos Huang-Zhu, Chemical Engineering
  • Angel Ibarra, Chemistry
  • Hailey Johnson, Computer Sciences
  • Megan Kelly, Chemical Engineering
  • Angelica Lang, Genetics
  • Clairine Larsen, Cellular & Molecular Biology
  • Arielle Link, Integrative Biology
  • Ryan Martinez, Genetics
  • Ryan McDonnell, Chemistry
  • Grace Melone, Entomology
  • Nayanna Mercado-Soto, Microbiology
  • Alana Meyer, Chemistry
  • Alyssa Olszewski, Chemistry
  • Gerardo Quintana Cintron, Chemistry
  • Chris Roberts, Pharmaceutical Sciences
  • Alysa Rogers, Physics
  • Estephani Torres Villanueva, Astronomy
  • Elvis Umana, Chemical Engineering
  • James Unzaga, Materials Science and Engineering
  • Isabela Velasquez Gutierrez, Wildlife Ecology
  • Rayne Wolf, Industrial Engineering

The UW–Madison undergraduates offered the 2023 GRFP are:

  • Robert Hall
  • Morgan Lee
  • Elizabeth Ng
  • Emil Pellett
  • Rung Shih

Learn more about the Graduate Research Fellowship Program and find resources for UW–Madison applicants.