Effective Teaching in an Internationally Diverse Classroom


Days/Times: Thursdays, 10 am – noon, starting September 5
Location: Classroom TBD
Instructors: Michel Wattiaux
Credit information: 2 credits (InterEGR 601)

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Do you wish to become an effective math, engineering, or science instructor, with a deep understanding of how to use diversity as an asset in your classroom?

If so, this course is for you, whether you are a US-born or international graduate student or post-doc. In this course, you will learn the core skills of effective and savvy teachers who can use global perspectives, varied modes of instruction, and differences in students’ experiences as tools to increase the learning of every student in their classes.

In essence, this course focuses on the challenges posed by teaching an increasingly diverse student population. Although the course places an emphasis on international instructors and international students, it is not as much about studying cultural, racial and social views as it is to learn how to take advantage of the unique perspectives of each student in our classes to engage them fully in the course content. By the end of the semester, participants who have fully engaged in the activities of this course will have gained knowledge, understanding, and hands-on practical skills in creating college courses designed as effective learning environments for their students. This is a discussion-based course modeled after what is now known as “flipped-classroom” and “blended learning.”

What do previous participants say about this course?

“One of the best courses I have ever taken in terms of being interesting, engaging, and useful.”
– Fall 2020 Participant

“If you want to learn how to teach, take this course.”
– Fall 2020 Participant


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