Fellowships are monetary awards that students use to pursue graduate studies. In general, fellowships require no work obligations on the part of the recipient.

Campus Fellowships: Merit-based campus and departmental fellowships are sometimes awarded to UW–Madison graduate students by their graduate programs. To inquire about eligibility and application procedures, students must contact their graduate program.

External Fellowships: Many federal agencies, professional organizations, and private foundations provide fellowships for students pursuing graduate studies. Students are encouraged to look for and apply for external fellowships, and to understand the unique terms and conditions of each fellowship for which they apply. The Graduate School supports a number of federal/private fellowships through the provision of tuition support and health insurance. If students are awarded one of these fellowships, they should contact the UW–Madison Fellowship Officer at funding@grad.wisc.edu.

International Fellowships: The Institute for Regional and International Studies serves as a resource center and provides information and support to faculty, students, and staff interested in identifying international research grants, scholarships, and other funding opportunities, including programs sponsored by Fulbright, National Security Education Program (Boren Scholarship), HEA (Higher Education Act), Title VI-FLAS (Foreign Languages and Area Studies), and other program competitions. Questions about funding for international research should be directed to the Institute for Regional and International Studies (IRIS).

For further information on fellowships, visit the Graduate School’s Funding Information webpage.

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