2016 TA Award winners honored

The University of Wisconsin–Madison employs over 2,000 teaching assistants across a wide variety of disciplines. The contributions of TAs in the classroom, lab, studio and field are essential to the University’s education mission. In order …

UW–Madison awards a record number of PhDs in 2015 and excels in career outcomes of its graduates

The University of Wisconsin–Madison is now third in the nation for number of PhDs awarded, according to 2015 data from the Survey of Earned Doctorates (SED), a federally funded project that has collected this data for nearly 60 years.

When broken down by broad field, the 836 PhDs conferred last year place UW–Madison second in physical and earth sciences graduates, fourth in life sciences, and in the top 15 for all other fields. In total, American universities awarded 55,006 PhDs in 2015, a number that continues to rise, albeit more slowly in recent years.