Expeditions in Evidence-Based Teaching and Learning

Delta Program logoDays/Times: Fridays, 9:30-11:30am, starting September 6
Jess Maher
1152 Mechanical Engineering Building
Credit: 2 credits (ELPA 662)

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Course Description

This experiential learning course explores higher education teaching practice “in the field.” Through a combination of readings/videos, class discussions, and observations, you will recognize and reflect on how evidence-based and inclusive teaching approaches may be applied within different learning contexts. The course structure includes “expeditions” – individualized field trips – to various learning environments on the UW-Madison campus and beyond, where you will observe how instructors from various disciplines design and implement their teaching practice. We will use an equity lens to reflect on our observations, considering how students are engaged in the learning process and how learning is assessed. We will then apply what we have learned to developing aligned lesson plans that incorporate innovative approaches. Ultimately, this course is meant to help you use evidence – both from the literature and observed practice – to support your own development as an educator at the college level.


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