Current Delta Courses

Fall Courses

  • Teaching in Science and Engineering: The College Classroom

    Develop foundational knowledge of evidence-based pedagogical practices, explore how excellence and diversity are intertwined, and try new teaching approaches in a supportive environment. Tuesdays, 1:20 - 3:15 pm, starting September 12. ΔΔ

Spring Courses

  • Navigating Mentorship for Graduate Student Mentees

    Graduate students who are currently working with a mentor meet within a supportive interdisciplinary learning community to learn, practice, reflect, and grow together. Mondays, noon - 1:30 pm, starting January 29.

  • Research Mentor Learning Communities (Spring 2024)

    Delta’s Research Mentor Learning Communities are for graduate students and postdocs who are mentoring an undergraduate researcher or for whom mentoring may be an important part of their future career. Three sections available, online or in-person, beginning in late January.

  • Using Writing to Teach in Any Discipline

    Research has shown that when students write more in a course, they learn course content more effectively and engage more deeply with the material. Learn how to use writing to promote students’ active learning and create a more inclusive learning experience in any disciplinary or course context. Thursdays, 2-3:30pm, starting January 25. ΔΔ

  • Improv to Improve Science Communication and Teaching

    Use the principles of improv theater to improve your communication in multiple contexts and audiences, including talking with colleagues, presenting your research, and teaching in the classroom. Tuesdays, 1-3pm starting January 23. Δ

  • Actively Learning about Active Learning

    Join us to explore how to effectively use active learning in a variety of teaching and learning contexts. This course will take a "learning by doing" approach, with opportunities to examine, experience, and try out various active learning instructional methods in the college classroom. Wednesdays, 1-3pm starting January 24. ΔΔ

Summer Courses

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What are Δ’s (deltas)?

We use Δ’s (deltas) to indicate how a course counts toward the Delta Internship and Delta Certificate prerequisites. Most course count as either one or two Δ’s.

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