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Fall Courses

  • Research Mentor Learning Communities – Fall 2023

    Based on a nationally-recognized curriculum, this learning community gives you space to explore strategies to become a more effective, culturally responsive mentor and discuss mentoring challenges as they arise. Multiple sections available, for both STEM and social sciences disciplinary groups. Δ

  • Effective Teaching in an Internationally Diverse Classroom

    Using the lens of international experience, this discussion-based course models 'flipped classroom' and 'blended learning' approaches and advances your skills in leveraging the diversity of your students for the learning of all. Tuesdays, 10 am - noon, starting September 12. ΔΔ

  • Build an Inclusive Canvas Dream Course

    Teach better and more efficiently using inclusive instructional technology. Building on your existing skills, you will hone your teaching style and gain a solid foundation in the learning sciences, while creating an effective Canvas course that is inclusive and equitable for students. Thursdays, 1 - 3 pm, starting September 7. ΔΔ

  • Teaching in Science and Engineering: The College Classroom

    Develop foundational knowledge of evidence-based pedagogical practices, explore how excellence and diversity are intertwined, and try new teaching approaches in a supportive environment. Tuesdays, 1:20 - 3:15 pm, starting September 12. ΔΔ

  • Emerging Technologies and Accelerating Change: Preparing for Tomorrow’s College Classroom

    Explore current and anticipated emerging technologies and their impact on teaching and learning in this 8-week course. October 10-December 5. Δ

Spring Courses

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Summer Courses

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What are Δ’s (deltas)?

We use Δ’s (deltas) to indicate how a course counts toward the Delta Internship and Delta Certificate prerequisites. Most course count as either one or two Δ’s.

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